We have joined forces with the National Safety Council and the American Heart Association to offer nationally accredited and OSHA required training in CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens. We use real world medics as instructors offering a real world view of how to respond in an emergency.

We offer a variety of class types to organizations across the country, never sacrificing quality to provide you or your team with the best training possible. Our team of instructors offer on-location training for businesses looking to start or add to, their existing emergency response team. Child care providers and day care centers to meet state requirements. We also offer training to families with new parents, wilderness enthusiasts, and those looking for personal preparedness. Lets not forget the athletics staff looking to make sure their players are safe both on and off the field. 

Our world-class training is available for individuals and groups Class is OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910. and recognized worldwide. Let our team of instructors train you to act when seconds count.

Course Length 3 Hours

CPR/AED Healthcare Provider

Designed for Health Care providers, fire, EMS, lifeguards, athletic trainers and Nurses.This course meets Center for Disease Control, OSHA and National Fire Protection Agency guidelines.


The course is ideal for those working with dogs and pet owners to gain the skills and confidence to help in an emergency. You will learn vital skills such as recognition an emergency. Learn how to take a dog’s pulse and give CPR if necessary, recognition and treatment for common First Aid emergencies, including bleeding, choking, poisoning and if they were hit by a car. 

Course Length 3 Hours

Acquire the skills needed to handle any emergency. This instructor-led classroom course teaches students how to recognize everyday emergencies, alert the appropriate emergency response team, and care for an injury or illness until professional help arrives. First Aid is taught using a combination of “Watch-Then-Practice” videos, and hands-on instruction.
Course Length 4 Hours


Most authoritative indepth training available. Meets National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards and Emergency Medical Responder Guidelines. Includes CPR/AED for the healthcare provider, skills course in child birth, bleeding control, burn management, and more.

Course Length 4 Hours

Ensure both safety and compliance with industry-leading bloodborne pathogens training. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 approved. This course is designed for anyone that will be exposed to bodily fluids.
Course Length 1 Hour

​This advanced course highlights the importance of high-performance team dynamics and communication, systems of care, recognition and intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, immediate post-cardiac arrest, acute dysrhythmia, stroke, and acute coronary syndromes. 

Course Length 8 Hours

The PALS course is designed for medical providers such as physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other professionals whose daily occupation requires them to either direct or participate in the resuscitation of a pediatric patient, whether in or out of hospital. 

Course Length 8 Hours


From weather-related issues to active shooters in the workplace and more, it’s critical for your staff to know the correct action to take before, during and after an emergency.

Course Length 8 Hours

Active shooter events, while statistically rare, nevertheless command a significant amount of attention. While emergency responders are well versed in dealing with these events, significant readiness gaps exists at locations where these events occur. This seminar is designed to help organizations close these preparation, planning and response gaps by providing a series of strategies to deal with an active shooter event. This Course can be providerd for civilans, first resonders, and law enforcement personnel. 

Contact us today for pricing or to schedule a class, and find out possible training discounts for large groups. Some restrictions may apply based on location and needs.